The recent report by Justice Thomas Braidwood on the death of Robert Dziekanski uses this word in relation to the behaviour of four RCMP officers who ended Mr. Dziekanski’s life. He apparently wanted to speak even more pointedly, but was prevented from doing so by the Byzantine parameters of his mandate and legal machinations by the officers and the RCMP itself in avoiding any formal finding  of “misconduct” on the part of the principal players.

It’s an increasingly Orwellian world where what can plainly be seen by anyone caring to look cannot be labelled for what it is – obvious, gross and “shameful” misconduct of the highest order (I’m not bound by the terms of the inquiry). One need not belabor the obvious: The video the RCMP fought so hard to suppress says it all. Testimony at the inquiry puts the issue beyond doubt.

What is so troubling about this event goes considerably beyond what the RCMP thugs did on that fateful day. Afterwards, they (clearly) collaborated in concocting a “joint” version of events, lied and obfuscated under oath and withheld vital evidence. Astonishingly, they did that with the active help, apparently enthusiastic approval and unlimited resources of the RCMP hierarchy.

The Criminal Code of Canada has a relatively new offence on the books; “Participating in a Criminal Organization”. While it was enacted with the clear intention of battling the drug industry, it’s provisions would clearly encompass homicide, perjury, obstruction of justice and withholding  evidence. We’re at a point where the RCMP has clearly earned the label, “criminal organization”. What, if anything, will the government do about it?

(If any of he foregoing is hurtful or unfair to members of the RCMP, I apologize. I mean that apology in precisely the same spirit that it turns out Deputy Commissioner Bass offered his regrets on behalf of the organization to Mr. Dziekanski’s family.)

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