A Fake Lake

How does it make you feel? I’m serious. You read the Feds are putting on a $1.2 billion party – up another $200 million from the last estimate I read last week, incidentally –  from which you, the citizen, will be most earnestly excluded (which is mostly why it’s so expensive). It’s a forgone conclusion it’s no more than a photo-op for the actual invitees. Then you read that part of the cost is $2 million to build an artificial lake in the heart of Toronto.

Let me answer my own question: Near rage. It’s not often I get worked up over a news item, but this one put me over the top. (I guess that’s probably why I’m writing this.)

Lawrence Cannon blithely dismisses the criticism as just a part of Canada “putting its best foot forward”. Why, isn’t Lake Ontario “grand” enough? Seriously, will any of those visiting parasites spend one second admiring our fake lake? Tony Clement, the Industry minister has a different slant: The “reflecting pool” (NOT lake) is “promoting Muskoka tourism”. Really? To whom? (Correct anwers: 1) No; 2) No one.) But then, when your objective is defending the indefensible, a little fake reality seems apropos.

What could you do with $2 million? Well, how about 20 (permanent) Habitat-style homes for needy families. Or, salaries for 40 nurses (or cops) for a year. Or, how about food for about a hundred animal shelters for a couple of years.

Now think about what could be done with 600 times that amount?

The Conservatives have been railing at the “waste” that is the gun registry. This summit debacle proves the Liberals are mere pikers when it comes to wasting money. It topples 10 years of  gun registry waste in a matter of days.

One reason this kind of thing doesn’t “stick” to politicians is the Law of Big Numbers – we just don’t conceptually comprehend the magnitude of the (wasted) expenditure. We also (tend to) forget who’s paying.

Well, there’s fake and there’s real. This is real,….,

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