Six Minutes of the iPad

Instant Attention Deficit Disorder. That’s what my instinct tells me. I got thinking that way after seeing a 6 minute YouTube demonstration of its multi-dimensional “insane greatness” the other day.

A guy spent the entire time jumping from one “app” to another at lightning speed. All very impressive, then I realized just how trivial most of what I was watching really was. Most of these “apps” (I can’t get over just how dorky that sounds) amount to little more than pointless playtime for children and adults (I guess) alike.┬áTap out a tune on a faux keyboard; play a bit of drum pads; a little Super Mario golf,…..,well, you get the idea.

Apple’s elevated this scarcity (non-)marketing thing to an art form. I know they’ve sold at least a million of them already. So, I’m an apparent minority here as to the utility of this thing. And the ads do trumpet the “hundreds of thousands” of (yup) “apps”. Oh, boy. Imagine what a job it would be just to scan the available applications (I’m drawing the line here).

Take a close look at this little tablet. Remind you of anything? It’s a high-tech Etch A Sketch! I’d venture it has about the same intended function: Pacifying hyperactive tech-addicts waiting impatiently for the subway to arrive.

As impressive as the technology is, I can’t escape the old saw about it being a solution in search of a problem. Somehow, I can’t see myself in a desperate fix needing to locate the nearest Starbucks, book an airline flight, tune my guitar and book a stock trade, all the while playing Doom.

Mostly, this thing will operate to affirm the tech/fashion cred of the hooked-up crowd, that is, until the next gizmo comes along. It’ll probably be good for my business, though – desirable accessory muggings should increase noticeably.

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7 Responses to Six Minutes of the iPad

  1. GSX-R750 guy says:

    A house is just a place to keep your stuff while you go out and get more stuff.

    Sent from my iPad 4G

  2. admin says:

    Yeah, but how do you feel about your i-Pad?

  3. TJ says:

    iPad, Laptop, PC, internet – all just high tech enablement in a very fun and interesting way. And I know you of all people see merit in many of today’s social media tools, technology AND apps (Mac or non-Mac) that are available today. Are you the guy hooked on blogging? :) Don’t knock it till you try it. ;)

  4. admin says:


  5. Helen says:

    Give me a second while I slip on my watch … My cell phone is sitting in a tin box in the closet. I do not know, nor desire to learn, how to send a text message. My laptop sits on the dining table. My rabbit ear is perched precariously on my tv that is at least twenty inches deep. When my birthday came along, I was hoping for new rabbit ears. (I do love my new goalie mask though.) When I am outside moving from point A to point B, I look around. When I am waiting … I look around. Did you know that there was a little river running behind Tilemaster? I did like my etch-a-sketch though and the day that I learned how to make a diaganol line …. whoo hoo!

    I do hope that you line your coffers

  6. admin says:

    “Line my coffers”? How?

  7. Helen says:

    accessory muggings … good for business.