Takin’ a nap

It’s unfortunate that the only people who fail to appreciate the benefits of a midday nap are the ones who are habitually forced to take one – kids. I suppose we all resist that which is foisted upon us against our will.

In post-adolescent life, I came to appreciate the value of a nap somewhat by accident. I was working for the summer at at steel fabricating plant in Hamilton (the result of which was deciding to re-enroll in high school, but that’s another story). I worked the 7:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. shift. Because I had the fortuitous good luck to have turned 18 just before they lowered the drinking age to 18, my evenings were almost always occupied with Joanie in some bar or other.

I’d get home from work a little before 4:00 p.m., usually too tired to walk. (Having come in at 2:00 or so that morning might have had something to do with that.) A couple of times, I just literally expired on the couch, until the phone got me up. Gradually, it became a routine: I’d just drop onto the bed right after getting home – 30 minutes or so – I was good to go.

Nowadays, I consider it one of life’s great luxuries to catch a 30 to 40 minute break late in the afternoon. I always awake refreshed and with a great sense of being recharged. There’s not likely anything profound about the benefit of a nap – it just makes you feel good. I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s some sort of residual health benefit.

Now, Dalton McGuinty, our Premier, seems to be enamored of  all sorts of hair-brained social engineering experiments. I wonder if he could be persuaded to enshrine something truly useful in the word day regulations, say a manditory 30 minute snooze? Hmm, but, wait a minute,making it mandatory…..well that might take the fun out of it entirely. Maybe I’ll just nap on it….

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