Tiger’s Apology

OK, it was stage-managed to an almost unprecedented degree. And it was hardly chock full of information. But, strangely (for me) something about it just seemed “right”. There wasn’t anything mealy-mouthed about it (you know, the way politicians “apologize”); there was no blaming or painting himself as a victim of this or that. It was an apology, plain and simple, and seemed heartfelt at that.

Originally, I didn’t think Tiger owed anyone other than his wife and children an apology, but he raised something that hadn’t occurred to me before – how many parents might be holding up Tiger as a role model for their kids. Tiger overtly recognized this and the impact his recent infamy might have on that role-model function. Good for him.

I was also impressed by Tiger’s deconstruction of how he ended up yielding to his baser impulses. The words didn’t sound ghost-written or spin-doctored by a public relations hack. If they were, it was a good one, and Tiger is an accomplished actor.

The whole saga of Tiger’s fall is heading for perhaps its most critical chapter: Does he smooth things over with public and press, win back his sponsors and go back to just racking up endorsements, or does he actually elevate himself to be someone who deserves to be admired and respected for more than his golf game and extreme celebrity. That will be something worth tuning in to find out.

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