Finally, Eye to Eye

It’s very rare that the Prime Minister and the Leader of the Opposition agree on anything, other than (maybe) what day it is. What a refreshing departure, then, their recent rapport on the issue of disclosure of parliamentary spending.

Mr. Harper, ever concerned with not overstepping jurisdictional boundaries, took pains to explain that examining spending by Parliament is outside the jurisdiction of…..uh, Parliament. Got that? Can’t be done. No way to do it. Would sure like to, but no can do. Mr. Harper took pains to say how concerned he was to control parliamentary spending, maybe even reduce it, but examining it was just not possible. Hold that thought.

Mr. Ignatieff has a much more practical approach: ” There is accountability that is in itself a waste of public money. Do you understand what I am saying?”

Well, uh,.., NO. It would be a waste of money to find out if MP’s are being overly extravagant with public money? (It still sounds stupid even when you rephrase it.)

Mr. Harper purports to lays waste to the concept of supremacy of Parliament in looking at itself. There’s one germane word for his effort: Bullshit! Parliament can pass with a simple majority ANY legislation it wants (that is unless Mr. Harper thinks there’s some sort of Charter protection afforded to politicians to protect them from scorn, ridicule and outrage).

What a couple of despicable bedfellows this issue has made. Of course, there’s the laughable unity of the stupidity of their respective arguments. Sadder still, that there is no issue that unites political foes like the inviolability of their entitlements. David Dingwall, are you watching?

We can only guess what sort of spending quagmire these clowns are intent on hiding. Because it’s apparently completely outside any sort of independent oversight, it’s safe to assume it’s ugly. This is an absolutely disgraceful issue for Parliament to be showing a rare and collegial example of cooperation.  

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