Relentless Self-promotion

Maybe it was always thus, just not quite as in-your-face thus. Or, possibly, social media channels have created monsters, relentlessly self-promoting monsters, that just never take a minute off from their mission to be front and center.

There’s an old marketing truism that advertisers/promoters should strive to be “top of mind” when their service or product is needed by a potential customer. It’s a rough equivalent of a Pavlovian response; driving home the message of the association is the primary objective of the promoter.

Self-promotion is not the creation of social media, but it’s persistent roar is certainly a by-product arising from the ease with which one can “remind” an ever-expanding social circle about everything from their upcoming gig to the wonders of the new tech product they’re flogging.

Reinforcing the message in ever-shortening increments of time is probably an almost irresistible impulse, facilitated by the miniscule (or non-existent) cost factor for each messaging ‘transaction’.

Some of the acquaintances with whom I sometimes discuss subjects like this think I’m inordinately negative about social media, F-Book in particular. Whether my ‘negativity’ is inordinate or not, I definitely don’t blame social media for the failure of individuals to restrain their baser impulses to push their product, idea (or ego) ad nauseum. I can see that, in the stormy seas of social media, one must shout – loudly and persistently – to be noticed, listened to and, most of all, get paid.

So, while I recognize to some extent, that “biz is biz”; nonetheless I think less of the individuals who are so uniformly relentless in their pitch. Think about it, when you see a Jehovah’s Witness approaching your door, are you energized by the “conversation” you’re about to have? How about life insurance sales people? Me, neither. I’m not sure I want to cut individuals in cyberspace any more slack when it comes to working their own unique and personal angles.

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