Glad I Don’t Own an iPhone

Have you ever been held hostage by a series of baby pictures? I have, including a several week period when a co-worker had daily, voluminous displays to a point I thought I might have to endure time lapse updates until the kid grew up and moved away from home.

Abuse by baby picture is a worthy subject in it’s own right, but an iPhone television ad recently sent shudders down my spine. The setting is: Some kid is taking his first steps; mom video records the extravaganza;  she sends it to “everyone” (?); then the entire group gets together (by conference call) to “watch and talk about” (presumably) what a miracle they’ve just seen.

Yikes! Can you think of anything less appealing than being a spectator at one of these events? Not me. Not only do you have to sit through it, you also have to pay for the privilege. (I think) I’d rather be subjected to an evening with ABBA.

All the sharing “tools” that technology has blessed us with end up underscoring the stark reality that most everything that gets “shared” is mundane crap of so little likely interest that, if there was such a thing a a CrapMeter, it’d be in constant overload. Spam protection is definitely no longer enough.

I’m hopeful that, as the social space evolves, we’ll develop interactive conventions and “manners” that’ll permit us to opt out of the earnest, but irritating, promulgation of the impulsive goop that is of questionable interest, perhaps even to the sender.

As for the ads convincing me of the iPhone’s “potential” – yes, most definitely – I can see its potential for abuse quite clearly, thank you.

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2 Responses to Glad I Don’t Own an iPhone

  1. Helen says:

    The words of a man who does not have children …. lol

    With that said, I would never make anyone go through my photo albums … perhaps a slide show instead.

  2. admin says:

    True, but what does my status as a (non-) parent have to do with it?