Enviroholics – What are you waiting for?

Enviroholics. At every turn, you run into someone hand-wringing about carbon footprints, sustainability and Gaia’s death spiral; a complete secular religion. What are the edicts of this religion? Well, it’s pretty much summed up as follows: 1) Drive a Prius (or equivalent); 2) Re-cycle and compost (religiously); 3) Buy lots of locally-produced fruits and vegetables.

It goes without saying there’s a required degree of lip service bemoaning consumerism, globalism and the Tar Sands, and mandatory belonging to Facebook groups against this and for that, and…..well, that’s about it. Hmm. Salvation is just not that difficult. Or is it?

It’s seemingly lost on the alarmists that these actions are essentially trivial. If we are indeed bound for hell in a hand basket, they won’t amount to the proverbial fart in a windstorm to head off environmental Armageddon. So, how about some real walking of the walk?

For starters, get rid of your car. The costs of manufacture, maintenance, operation and emissions of those eco-friendly vehicles dwarf the savings of a few liters per tank. Ride a bike. Get off the electricity grid. It’s doable. I know a couple of people who’ve done it (interestingly, not to be friendly to the environment).

Achieve (near) zero garbage. The real dollar and environmental costs of recycling are so prohibitive we might as well go back to doing things the old way. If you’re not quite ready to really step up to save the planet, well maybe the situation isn’t as dire as is claimed?

No, I’m not in favor of rampant consumption, waste and “business as usual” on the pollution file. What I AM in favor of is addressing real issues with real efforts, not token ‘slacker activism’ – you know, a trifle of inconvenience and a dash of piety buying a licence to be a self-righteous hypocrite. The buck stops just as readily at the doorway of the family driving the car as it does in front of the oil company’s headquarters.

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