A visit to the post awful….

I had no choice but to mail a bill payment today so I attended the post office to get a stamp and dispatch it.

As I stood in line behind a single other customer, I noticed that both counter attendants were working at helping the other customer. I soon realized this “team effort” was directed at determining the postage due on two plain, standard envelopes, affixing the stamps and making change for the payment of something less than $5.00 in postage by virtue of the bill the customer handed over.

I wouldn’t say I was annoyed about the weird service mentality exhibited by those ladies behind the counter. I’m used to it; Canada Post has never been a paragon of the customer service mindset. What I was, though, was shocked to discover that my standard envelope was going to cost $1.15 (including HST) to send from Wasaga Beach to Sauble Beach.

Seemed to me, the last time I bought stamps, they were just slightly more than $0.50 each, plus HST. Turns out, I ‘missed’ not one, but two price increases of approximately 16%, then, most recently 37%. To top it off, to buy a single stamp, adds a premium of $0.15 (plus HST) to the “standard” letter rate of $0.85.

Now, it’s abundantly clear that the Post Awful is an easy target by virtue of their “We’re the anti-thesis of customer service” mindset, but how can it escape the normal rules of business when it comes to price increases? If, say, a litre of milk (a regulated industry) had gone up by that amount in that short a time, there would be angry sit-ins at grocery chains.

I guess I’ll just have to take comfort in that the Post Awful will, in the not-too-distant future, have gouged, irritated and costed itself into extinction. Good riddance.

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