Please step to the BACK, PKP…

Gloating is usually ungracious, but sometimes, circumstances are so propitious they overwhelm the strictures of etiquette. So it is following yesterday’s election in Quebec. Not one, but two political scofflaws secured a well-earned political comeuppance.

There is fairly widespread recognition that the PQ’s campaign proceeded directly over a cliff the moment that King, er, Karl Peladeau started brandishing his fist about impending independence for the Quebec state. Whatever the tangled logic of a despotic capitalist with a strangely socialist stripe entering the fray, it’s pretty clear that PKP turned IED for the PQ campaign.

You could almost see the throne lust in PKP’s eyes as he stood with Pauline Marois on various podiums, no doubt already plotting how and when to return the unceremonious shove she gave him in that well-publicized video clip. Turns out, Marois robbed him of the opportunity by falling on her sword in the gloom of her ignominy.

You’d perhaps be tempted to credit Marois with having done the ‘honourable’ thing, but for the fact that this woman who’d just run the most cynical, dishonest and pandering campaign in living political memory, was well aware that the PQ, being a party that strongly favours the knife, is not kind to its failed leaders.

We’ll not likely be hearing much from or about Frau Marois in the future, but Karl has some potentially interesting story lines following him around, not the least of which is whether he’ll actually deign to serve. Let’s face it, life as an MLA in opposition is a long way from the Office of the Dauphin-in-Waiting. Plus, now having outed himself as a previously closet separatist, there may be some interesting new business implications. I, for one, plan to stay closely tuned to the PKP channel to see if any further bounty falls our way.

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