Although I’m meagerly qualified to comment on fashion, I sense it’s become fashionable to describe oneself as “not political”.  I hear and see comment to that effect all the time.

When the actual motivation is articulated, it’s sometimes contempt for the way politics is practiced, or the people that are the focal point of political issues. Other times, it seems transparently intended to effect an aura of moral superiority. Occasionally, it’s probably a face-preserving rationalization stemming from abject ignorance of current events.

Whatever the motivation, the greatest Christmas present you can give carpetbagging charlatans like Helena Guergis and Rahim Jaffer is an indifference to politics. Political flotsam like this can only get elected (and stay that way) when a lazy and inattentive electorate shuns active scrutiny of those who spend their tax dollars. They get by on photo-ops and good dental hygiene, featherbedding their own lives at every turn. Only when they’re extraordinarily besotted with self-importance and entitlement, do  they occasionally falter, cross the line, and fall out of their stroller.

Look, think about it, how’s it even really possible not to be “political”? Tom Russell, a wonderful songwriter whose work I’m partial to, wrote a song called “Who’s Going to Build Your Wall”. In it, he expressly says not to hang a political “rap” (label) on him. Yet the song is about: (illegal) immigration, labour issues, U.S. – Mexico relations, etc. The subject is inherently “political”.

If you think about it, most every subject of interest that involves a couple of  human beings in a central role,  is going to have a significant political dimension, based on the fact that we all have our own opinions about how things “work”, how they don’t, and how to change them. That’s….politics. Pretending otherwise is just, well, pretending.

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