The Zombie Province

Ontario. We have challenging weather, a pile of losing sports franchises and a crumbling economy. Now, seemingly, we also have a somnambulant electorate that cares so little, or is so totally oblivious to, the excesses and abuses of government that they may as well be zombie extras in one of those grade ‘B’ horror flicks.

The list of scandals this government weathered was impressively voluminous, at least until the one that finally inspired the incumbent premier to walk off into the sunset. Incredibly, we now have virtually the identical line-up of suspects, foremost among them, the new premier, clucking their bewilderment and feigning indignation at the gas plant fiasco and disavowing any knowledge of it. It almost goes without saying of course that none of them knew anything about wholesale destruction of records pertaining to the seedy mess.

I’m perplexed that our huddled masses, who’ll take to the streets at the drop of a hat for G20 summits, to rail against capitalism or the latest proposed dump site or wind farm installation are, thus far, rendering a great big yawn at the thought of at least $1 Billion (and counting) having been squandered to (unsuccessfully) gain a political edge in the last election.

Maybe it’s because $1,000,000,000 is just beyond comprehension as a number. Maybe it’s a sign that we’ve given up getting worked up over dishonesty, mismanagement and political feather-bedding just to preserve our own sanity. Or, maybe it’s the thought that it’s just another billion to be added to the province’s gargantuan debt; an obligation that will fall on future generations of taxpayers to cope with.

So, when casting your ballot, think about whether in granting the earnest Ms. Wynne your permission to clean up the mess on our behalf, you are consigning yourself to the extras pool in her inevitable remake of Night of the Living Dead.

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2 Responses to The Zombie Province

  1. Katherine Mann says:

    Of course, Paul. But then, have a good look at the alternative. Hudak? Another NDP government … nope. Between the Feds, the Province and the Mayor of Toronto I would think that not only the ship of state is sinking, but the rats are going down with it. Except they’re not.

  2. admin says:

    So, a thoroughly DISHONEST government is better than either of the others, regardless…..