Of perks and the porcine…

(It’s too bad for Mike Duffy; the visual and behavioural parallels are nearly inevitable.)

For him and his fellow senators, at least the ones currently under scrutiny for their expansive definitions of where they “live”, perhaps a better adjective might be nonplussed, I mean, you’d have to be seriously dazed not to be able to decipher the meaning of that question. Realistically, of course, these porkers have been caught greasy-fingered dipping into the generous and poorly-supervised cookie jar called the public purse.

It’s galling, of course, to the average guy, who, should he have been caught padding his gas reimbursement by a couple of bucks, would likely have been fired. But the level of gall displayed by these scofflaws at playing stupid in the face of all the evidence, is approaching epic.

Beyond that, the most recent turn of events is most illustrative of a principle that governs the detection of wrongdoing at every level of society but, apparently, the highest level of our government – the inadvisability of of institutions investigating themselves. 

The Senate committee ‘investigating’ the propriety of Duffy’s  (and other) expense claims had, with Duffy’s announcement that he had ‘decided’ to pay back the housing allowance received,  previously ‘closed the file’ on the issue. Amid recent disclosures, not the least of which is the finding that they originally did find substantial impropriety, they’ve (sheepishly) decided to re-open their investigation.

This all speaks to some of the ‘rules’ of the game these folks play: They will do anything (as in Duffy’s case, forewarning of improprieties found and giving him an opportunity to institute ‘rectification’ measures, just for a start) to preserve their greasy sinecure. Only when their joint discovery for the charlatans, thieves and carpetbaggers that they are becomes imminent, do they throw a couple of their own to the ‘wolves’ – namely that honourable profession from whence Duffy came.

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