Motorized Fellowship

I took a drive today to the Rama Reserve to get some cigars. It was a gorgeous, warm invigorating day. The motorcycle community was truly out in force, many of the riders in LARGE packs. I couldn’t help but notice all the enthusiastic gestures of greeting when they encountered each other going in opposite ways.

Now, if you don’t ride, you’re probably unaware of this, but in the motorcycling universe, it’s pretty much mandatory to “wave” to other riders. The ‘form’ of the wave generally involves extending the non-throttle (i.e. left) hand in an ‘open’ position, almost as if you’re trying to slap hands with the cyclist going the other way (not my preferred wave, by the way). On a day like today, with so many bikes on the road, it made for some determined waving on the part of every participating rider.

With cars, there’s not so much natural fellowship, except for a few distinct models of cars. I happen to own three of them; a Mazda Miata, a Subaru WRX and a Mini Cooper ‘S’. I never gave a thought to fellowship when I purchased them, 21 years, 5 years and just recently, respectively, but it’s clear to me they fit into a category of fun rides that makes owners kind of delirious with social good will towards other owners.

I had some fun with a passenger recently in my WRX. We were at a stop light just outside Orillia, at the front of the line. Waiting at the light going in the opposite direction, was a fairly tricked-out WRX of roughly the same vintage as mine, driven by a guy probably not even half my age. I turned to my passenger and said: “Keep an eye on the guy in the blue car; he’s going to wave at us when he goes by.” Sure enough, he did. My passenger was perplexed how I knew he would. I explained about motorized fellowship.

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