The joys of new (old) stuff…

I’ve been bombing around for the last couple of days in a new-to-me 2002 John Cooper Works Mini Cooper ‘S’ (a name that is almost longer than the vehicle). I can hardly keep the smile off my face every time I slip behind the wheel. How it came to be parked in my driveway was mostly a series of happy accidents, but certainly of the good kind.

I was over at my friend Dave’s place in Owen Sound a couple of weeks ago. Parked in the space where a very clean, but rather dowdy, Ford Focus wagon used to sit, was an ’02 Nissan Xterra, supercharged no less. The brute looked almost brand new and I asked Dave what caused the change in ride. He said he’d been poking around on Kijiji and noticed the vehicle for sale at the really attractive price of $7K, with just over 60K on the clock. (He told me he’d managed to sell the Focus, buy the Nissan and park a bit of extra cash in his pocket, to boot.)

When  I got home that night, I was thinking about Dave’s good luck. I wander over to Kijiji. (Perhaps it’s unnecessary to say what I found there.) Fortune had smiled because, not more than a week before, I’d secured a line of credit arrangement from my credit union at a really low rate of interest. I had also been toying with the question of whether it was time to let go of my ‘regular’ ride because it was on the cusp of being worth almost nothing.

The Mini was a ‘solution’ by becoming my summer ride; the WRX will be my snow machine forever and a day. Plus, for $8K, I’m driving around in a cool rig that was over $30K new. With only 118K on the clock, there’s plenty summer driving fun to be wrung out of ‘Madeline’ (as I’ve come to think of her). An added bonus? Both my dogs fit in the back comfortably with the seats down.

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