The Patronage Twins

At first glance, they’re no more similar than Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny DeVito, but here they are reprising that silly old fantasy film in real life; I’m referring to Mike Duffy and Patrick Brazeau – the ‘brothers Pork’.

These ‘honourable gentlemen’ are both senators, both living off the ‘fat of the land’ – hopefully not stretching a metaphor to breaking – and conjoined in their quest for yet more of their favourite delicacy. Their shared quest is to fabricate residences for themselves to take advantage of generous housing allowances as a special bonus for their occupation of doing pretty much nothing at all.

Their respective machinations in that regard are more-or-less matters of public record now, especially since Duffy was caught trying to ‘fast track’ some documentation for himself to back-fill a completely specious claim that he’s a P.E.I. “resident”. Brazeau has an increasingly ‘colourful’ resume of conduct not previously thought to be becoming of a senator, besides his construction work on a fantasy abode.

Is it ironic, pathetic, or something else, that Stephan Harper, whose goal is to ‘reform’ the senate appointed both of these “trough-dwellers for life”?

Duffy’s appointment was, to me, a big eyebrow raiser; I mean, what does did a network reporter/commentator do to earn such a generous ‘thank you'; perhaps a story that didn’t get reported?

Brazeau got his from the not-so-subtle form of affirmative action that’s infected Canadian cultural and political life to a degree that’s noticeable, but is no longer permitted to be the subject of polite conversation.

These two characters might just have the effect of generating public outrage to a degree that senate reform isn’t just a sleepy little post-script to Stephan Harper’s not-so-hidden agenda, but an immediate and pressing imperative to maintain the credibility of the presiding majority government. Think that sneaky Prime Minister of ours had it planned this way all along?


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