Justin’s Ticket to Ride

The coronation is almost complete. Justin Trudeau is well on the way to being a ‘P.M. in Waiting’. It’s been a surprisingly hiccup-free journey, especially considering that unfortunately intemperate commentary on the West Justin engaged in on camera a while back.

Today, I noticed that one of Justin’s admirers, who happens to be an F-Book friend, posted her latest in a series of promotions for him on my Facebook feed. It was this breezy aphorism:

“Reducing the cost of high quality food can’t come at the cost of gutting the livelihood of Canadian farmers.”

OK, then, there’s a way to do both; reduce costs without impacting producer income? Or, if you parse the sentence another way, are you saying you’re actually against the reduction of food prices?

One nice thing for Justin – among many – has been that, so far, no one has asked him any hard questions about what his puffball positions actually mean policy-wise; you know, that hard area of trade-offs that policy inevitably involves – namely, whose ox is about to be gored, anyway?

The coffee klatch masquerading as a leadership contest has done little more that act as a runway parade for the other candidates to demonstrate their qualifications for desired cabinet posts in any eventual Trudeau 2.0 government.

Given that Justin scored more donations to his leadership bid than all the other candidates combined, it’s perhaps understandable they’ve all resigned themselves to the pragmatism that is the most profound of all Liberal Party values.

I’m disappointed that politics has regressed to the point that a jaunty hairstyle and photogenic smile, backstopped by a bankable surname, is more than enough to overcome a lack of any substantial accomplishment and the absence of any policy platform whatsoever when seeking public office, never mind the #1 chair. Marc Garneau – an astronaut, fer cryin’ out loud! – can’t get an ounce of traction in the dialogue. I’m grateful Beyonce doesn’t live in Canada. Imagine what a shoo-in she’d be as our second female P.M. designate?

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