Policing Inaction

Idle No More protesters have started their announced blockades of transportation thoroughfares. The OPP are ‘on top of things’, as the following quotes make crystal clear:

“We are trying to open lines of communication at this point with the people who are at the scene that are blocking the rail,” [an OPP spokesman said]. “That is the first step in ensuring that the police do their job, and that is protecting the peace and ensuring everyone has a safe environment to do their protest.”

Got that? Ensuring. That. Everyone. Has. A. Safe. Environment. To. Do. Their. Protest.

Sort of turns the traditional notion of ‘policing’ on its ear, don’t you think? (Maybe this is Franz Kafka’s unfinished novel coming to life?) I suppose this is just the next logical step in how idiosyncratically the OPP interprets its societal role.

A couple of weeks ago, they completely ignored a mandatory injunction to clear a railway line blockage issued by a Justice of the Superior Court of Ontario, much to his stated chagrin and consternation. The OPP replied to the judge’s displeasure with a metaphorical shrug, stating he was “entitled to his opinion“.

A couple of days ago, the commisar, er, Commissioner of the OPP telegraphed an interesting operational strategy, to the effect that he hoped the public didn’t expect them to “wade in and start arresting [lawbreakers]”, emphasizing repeatedly just how “difficult” their job is.

I’d think their greatest upcoming “difficulty” will be to slough off citizen inconvenience, property rights, ongoing commerce and the like, all in the interests of, you know, preserving a “safe environment” in which to protest.

We thought we’d seen everything with the venality, corruption and outright criminality of that former bastion of rectitude, the RCMP. Now, we have a provincial police force whose explicit conceptualization of their role is to provide onsite security for a protest movement. I have a feeling that Caledonia will look like a church picnic by the time this plays itself out.

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6 Responses to Policing Inaction

  1. smiler says:

    This POLICING policy / action is dictated by the current political power and is more palitable than Iperwash.

  2. admin says:

    Did you find Caledonia ‘palatable’ as well?

  3. smiler says:

    No one died in Caledonia.
    I did not really follow the news closely ……….as it is only the news and the reporter and network and their editor and advisors point of view.
    Why anyone feels they need or actually need insociety to resort to extreme behaviours speaks to the characteristics of people and society .

  4. admin says:

    Plenty of (non-native) people were bullied, harassed, assaulted and threatened. People accessing their own homes were subjected to (native) Gestapo tactics. One family’s home was the subject of a home invasion and a beating so bad the man of the house suffered permanent brain damage. Throughout this process, the police stood by and did NOTHING. Eventually, in the case of the latter incident, the province ended up settling a huge lawsuit for failure to provide basic civil protections.

    How in the heck did you miss what happened there? Read Christie Blatchford’s book if you want to get caught up on this shameful episode of race-based (non-)policing.

  5. smiler says:

    I missed that, you are correct. I had not heard of the home invasion. How? As unfathomable as you will likely find this, I listened to as little news as possible for a period of time. So much sad, angry reality that it was more than I could bear…….Was in my 40’s, raising an amazing person and myself lol…..Never had a computer or an email address until 5 years ago….I am not making excuses because I am not sorry I missed it at the time. I don’t mind learning and reading now as a part of history and a way of moving forward. Seriously Life is a balance and there you have it in my opinion! The ugly truth to the reality………Ipperwash…Police action resulting in death. Political backlash ….then comes Caledonia and inaction as you put it………..All politically driven and none of it common sense. I enjoyed reading this blog and I learn details of events and find the point of view you present interesting and passionate but I think my son would enjoy them more. I sent him the link. When I read them I focas more on the passion and underlying tones.. I like people.

  6. smiler says:

    differences are what interest me
    venus and mars
    head and heart