Fake Martyrs

Sometimes, caricatures draw themselves. It’s hard to imagine a better caricature of martyrdom in action than Attawapiskat Chief Theresa Spence. Her ongoing charade on behalf of, well, exactly what, is not entirely clear. (I guess she’d make that abundantly clear only once she’s corralled, for her projected “several week” meeting, the Prime Minister and the Governor-General.)

Normally, you’d think there is a note of temporal urgency when someone is on a declared “hunger strike”.  But, as with most things ‘Theresa”, things are not what they seem. Turns out, she’s not really foregoing nutrition; she’s “subsisting” on “fish broth, vitamins and herbal tea”, a description so vague it might well include Manhattan-style clam chowder.

For a woman who’s been ‘fasting’ for a month, her appearance before the cameras last Friday showed no indications of undernourishment whatsoever. (She appeared to be reliant more on a downcast, mournful demeanor to send her message of extreme deprivation, than to any perceptible loss of body mass.)

Spence is basking in the glow of both celebrity and the endorsement of no less than that smiling idiot, our former Prime Minister, Paul Martin, who calls her an “inspiration” to all Canadians.

As Finance Minister, Martin would not likely have found Spence’s financial management on behalf of her band, “inspirational” – of the over $100M. provided between 2005 and 2011 by the federal government to the band, about 80% could not be accounted for in a conventional accounting sense. It’s possible that Spence, knowing an audit would summon up an uncomfortable question or two, decided the best defence was a good offence.

At the moment, she is relatively immune to answering uncomfortable questions relating to finance for the band. But, what happens when another couple of months pass, not having met with either the P.M. or A.G., and Spence remains apparently none the worse for wear from her ordeal? Will there be some legitimate questions to be answered?






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6 Responses to Fake Martyrs

  1. smiler says:

    It never ceases to amaze me that people would “protest” and beleive that media attention could improve any outcome.
    There is no integrity or pure truth for anyone to decipher when the source is the media.
    Given that even in a court room with learned peoples, the truth can’t be sorted out.
    Not only can and do people intentionally twist their side of the story, there are studies that demonstrate that those believeing themselves to be telling the truth, tell stories that are not accurate but only how they remember and perceived it.
    I digress………..my point is, how can someone form an opinion of a situation unless they have first hand knowlegde of the situation.

  2. admin says:

    It’s routine to try to play out every dispute these days in the court of public opinion, even to some extent, court cases. It is what it is…..

  3. smiler says:

    To practice forming a passionate opinion of other people’s truths is a concept in itself.

  4. admin says:

    I’m not at all certain what that means, but you certainly are welcome to elaborate. IS it a comment on post-modernism?

  5. smiler says:

    No, I am not that profound. You crack me up! I just meant that “other people’s truths are the journalist’s opinion and not first hand observation.
    I will say that when I heard on the news the Chief Spense was in Ottawa hospital, recieving IV fluids I got a little passionate myself. I jumped on my great big white stallion and thought to myself………..drink some water and not bottled water and stop wasting health care dollars and resources………….Jeeze, I am generally more kind and generous than that!

  6. admin says:

    If you’ve read some of the reports about how Theresa Spence treats her own people, you might feel less than charitably disposed towards her. (If you’re one of those folks who disbelieves EVERYTHING you read, please disregard this comment.)