Spare the rod; spoil the teacher

If there’s one thing patently obvious, at least to me, it’s that the Ontario government, mostly the premier himself, sowed and actively nurtured the seeds of the current tussle with the province’s whiniest ‘professionals’ – the teachers.

Since 2003, McGuinty’s government went through a series of contract negotiations that were such a sham that they didn’t qualify as anything more than elaborate cheque-writing ceremonies; whatever the unions could dream up to demand, the premier couldn’t capitulate to fast enough.

In no time flat, he became “The Education Premier”. The fat-cat teachers bestowed a title and smirked all the way to the bank. Their pay went up at an unprecedented rate for public employees – over 80% at last count. They became, in short order, the highest paid public employees outside the class of bureaucrati. Nominally, on average, they earn well over $100 per hour, including benefits. The comparable period was not nearly so kind to any other organized labour group.

The entire whiny mass is now engaged in the slippery, deceitful and patently greedy initiative to “recover their rights” through legal process. Unfortunately, they’re going to act stupid with students and inconvenience their parents as much as they can while their court challenge runs its course. Let’s face it, a petulant child doesn’t want to just get its way; it want you to suffer while she’s getting it.

When pampered pseudo-professionals get indulged enough, they become besotted with their sense of entitlement. But they’re p.r.-savvy enough to know they can’t make this fight about getting even fatter in the paycheck; they need to make it about a “higher principle” – the right to negotiate. 

So, when you’re having to make alternate arrangements for childcare while another day of ‘political protest’ unfolds, keep in mind you’re doing your bit for a higher good than simply lining their pockets – you’re supporting the ‘right’ to get fatter yet.

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5 Responses to Spare the rod; spoil the teacher

  1. smiler says:

    Unions have had a valuable role in ensuring safe and eqitable work and pay for many. Is this about money? The Ontario Teacher may make more than any others in the province and they are not asking for more.
    I would not welcome a strike should I be on either side of the bargaining table nor have I ever voted for one.
    I do however, believe that having the power to do so, in itself, ensures a balance of power.

  2. admin says:

    “Not asking for more”? Give your head a shake. When have teachers (or any union, for that matter) ever gone into a bargaining situation to preserve the status quo?

    The bottom line for the government in this case was twofold: No money in the kitty, and not prepared to let the teachers hold the public to ransom by striking and job action.

    You a teacher, by any chance?

  3. smiler says:

    It is a game that labor/business play. Ask for the moon/offer nothing! Both equally culpable. The Education Minister was eloquent and I am not agreeing with either side. The teachers would likely accept status quo as public would stand for nothing less.
    No, I am not a teacher. No need to get personal.

  4. admin says:

    What’s “personal” about asking if you’re a teacher? You think that’s some kind of insult?

  5. smiler says:

    Oh my goodness. That is so funny. I think I realized I have a prejudice.