A Post Modern ‘Labour’ Dispute

The NHL/NHLPA spectacle has being played out in and for the benefit of the media for some months now. Mostly, the media side with the players; for a couple of reasons: 1) The owners “won” the last round of hostilities (the NHLPA capitulated); and 2) The owners continue to spend like drunken sailors given every chance, then moan about the business model. (Mostly, the former proves the adage, “Be careful what you wish for.”)

Now, my take on the owners side is that they’re mostly a bunch of gouging whores, out to fleece the fans, municipal governments and anyone else whose pocketbook is within reach. And, they’re fronted by probably the most eminently dis-likable executive in pro sports. But, the whores have a point or two that is obscured by the self-righteous bleating coming forth from the players:

The players raised the rather bizarre notion that this “arrangement” between themselves and ownership should somehow be characterized as a partnership, with an ‘equitable’ distribution of revenues. In no business that I know, or that you can find, is it that ‘revenues’ are split in such a way that one side takes all the financial risks, absorbs all the losses (if any) and pays all expenses, including, in this case, the other ‘party’, entirely as an expense item. Some partnership!

It more than strains credulity to even call this a ‘labour dispute'; players are pampered gods making more money in the first couple of years of even a modest career than most people earn in a lifetime. Their prattle about “fairness” and “rights” not only makes a mockery of the laudable goals of the (early) labour movement; it proves they’re just as greedy and entitlement-besotted as the whores.

Here’s hoping for another lost season of hockey. As fans, we’ll learn the world doesn’t end without the NHL; the whores and the johns will get well-deserved haircuts and maybe, just maybe, everyone will realize we’re talking about a game here; not a secular form of religion.


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