A Customer Service Love Song

Customer service horror stories are legion; everyone has a seemingly endless supply of them. Even worse, the telling of one such story almost inevitably inspires a “Oh yeah, listen what happened to me,….,” upping of the ante. MY recent experience is of the infinitely scarcer variety; a happy ending.

I’m an avid reader and recently was given a Kindle eReader as a gift. It was love at first [power-up] sight. Sadly, a couple of days ago, it slipped out of my binder and fell to a concrete floor with a resounding crash. When I powered up, I found the screen only half-functional. My bad.

I got up early the next morning and, while puddling around online, decided to order a new Kindle, which I did. Then, it occurred to me that I might have trouble “replacing” all the digital content I’d purchased for it, so I sent an email to their customer service department, asking if/how I could replenish my content. I noted in the email that I ‘broke’ the machine.

Not more that three minutes after I sent the email, a reply came, telling me that the content would be replenished without any additional cost. It also ‘recommended’ I contact them by telephone to deal with my “equipment problem”. I submitted a call-back number on line and not more than a further two minutes later, I was talking to a nice young man from Amazon.

I reiterated that the damaged machine wasn’t a warranty claim, or anything else, as the damage was entirely my fault. “No matter,” he said, they’d replace my Kindle device for free. The replacement I’d just ordered? No problem; he cancelled the order on the spot.

How much better could it get? Well, an email provided a printout of a mailing label and everything I needed to enclose for the return of the item; a new Kindle arrived two days later and when I submitted my (damaged) Kindle for return at UPS, I found that the return shipping was pre-paid.

I’m sort of tempted to see if anyone can top that kind of effort to create a satisfied (and durably loyal) customer. Amazon, you ROCK!

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