When ‘victims’ go bad….

Tori Stafford was a horrifically undeserving victim of the murderous attentions of a pair of loathsome miscreants out for their own purposes; one to have sex with a defenseless child, the other to secure the romantic attentions of the first-mentioned sex pervert (ostensibly, by “giving him what he wanted”).¬†To even sketch out their ‘motivations’ in this way makes the skin crawl, but such is the explanatory arch of the star witness’s testimony.

As Terri-Lynne McClintic¬†unpacks her sordid story for the jury, a creepy, festering idea’s been tugging at me: McClintic is a poster child for ‘victim’ status herself. Why, with the dysfunctional upbringing (by an “exotic dancer”) through the abuse (physical and sexual) and the ongoing drug (and alcohol) dependencies, she just oozes potential for sympathetic post-modern interpretation as an unfortunate with few ways to turn other than exactly where she did.

So far, though, I haven’t heard a soul take a stab at it, and I doubt I will. Interesting though, that you can find Canadians to readily come to the moral defense of Hezbollah homicide bombers through the relativism prism, but not for Terri-Lynne McClintic. Maybe her ‘motives’ are considered suspect; after all, she was doing it as supplication for the “needs” of what she describes as “a good man” (!). Ultimately, her (self-described) self-loathing “caused” (permitted? inspired?) her to bash in the brains of a helpless child.

Pity Terri-Lynne didn’t take out her rage on the MOST appropriate target – herself. The world would have been left the better for it; one less drug-addled social burden seeking the attentions of like-minded cretins for validation of their pathetic lives.

To those deluded souls who believe no one is “beyond redemption” there will forever be a short and pithy rebuttal to their bleating: Terri-Lynne McClintic. Tori, it’s so sad that your short life and tragic death will be associated with that dredge of humanity.

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