Dalton McGuinty – Fiscal Fraud Artist

Donald Drummond actually started pulling the veil off this con job even before the last election. What was sort of incongruous was that he was the premier’s “hired gun” to help the government “deal with” the fiscal situation. This should have been a warning beacon so obvious to everyone as to not need elaboration.

But while Drummond was already speaking very bluntly that the situation was far from pretty, almost as if in some bizarre parallel universe, the election was going on, with all parties, while giving sanctimonious lip service to fiscal responsibility, busy promising all kinds of electoral baubles and beads. McGuinty proudly trumpeted his government’s spending to date almost as if it was a badge of honour, despite the already unprecedented level of debt and projected deficits stretching out as far as the eye could see.

The Drummond report is now before us. To say it ain’t pretty is about as “under” as a statement gets. To put things into a perspective of sorts, Mike Harris’ spending cuts, that (supposedly) decimated the province amounted to just short of 4%. The “required” spending cuts in Drummond’s report are more than four times that.

More importantly, it makes clear just how shamelessly dishonest the government’s predictions, projections and accounting have been in the prelude to this analysis. A CEO of a public company would be looking at a very significant jail term if he’d misled his shareholders as blatantly as McGuinty has, knowing full well the true state of affairs. The only remaining question mark is how he’s going to smile and dance around the required dose of fiscal medicine.

With all this fiscal carnage on display, there IS one fellow trying hard to suppress a smile – Bob Rae; he knows he’s now forever been displaced as the head of the most profligate government in Ontario history.

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