Ethical Oil

Great book by Ezra Levant. Before you allow yourself to either buy into or continue believing all the Armageddon hoopla being flogged by hysterical enviro-crackpots about the oil sands, you owe it to yourself to get a different, I assure you, most startling, angle on the issue.

The main question Levant raises –  in my view, the most salient – is just where would you like your oil to come from? It’s a question that has startling dimensions. Because no one is in any position to simply stop using oil, it has to come from somewhere, likely for a very long time to come. If you don’t want it to come from Canada (i.e. the oil sands), would you prefer Nigeria, Sudan, Russia, Venezuela, or those bastions of rights and forward thinking, Iran and Saudi Arabia?

To varying degrees, but all to a substantial degree, those oil suppliers noted above are: corrupt, oblivious to any health and environmental considerations in the extraction and delivery of their product and among the very worst human (including women’s) rights abusers, absolutely indifferent to world opinion and influence. In almost every case, the extraction process is performed by the equivalent of slave labour.

The oil sands project in Canada the MOST monitored, scrutinized, regulated and top-down managed initiative on earth. There are so many environmental safeguards built into it that all the  nightmare scenarios posed by the opposition are positively laughable.

The economic and social benefits to the local and aboriginal communities, the Province of Alberta and Canada generally are too numerous to list. The current and future tax windfall to governments is truly staggering, permitting lots and lots of stuff we’ve come to demand from government.

Finally, as far as that ‘carbon footprint’ question: Know how they get rid of natural gas as part of the extraction process of oil in Sudan? They burn it! It’s called “flaring” and it adds lots and lots of CO2 to the atmosphere. Turns out, oil sands oil has not a significantly different carbon footprint than oil from any other source, but, due to relentless technological innovation, it’s getting better all the time.

The foregoing is only a taste. Open your mind; put on your thinking cap; give this valuable book a read.

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