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As I’m thinking about this, it’s going to be hard to make it not sound like an ad; it’s intended more as an “Imagine my good luck?” story.

I’ve been a Telus client for cell services for a number of years. I never thought of this carrier as anything other that one of three p0ssible cash-sucking evils. They’ve never done anything to make me think otherwise.

I noticed a couple of TV ads for the discount carrier, Koodo, particularly their plans that include no long distance charges whatsoever. I went online and checked it out. Sure enough, $45/mo. will get you unlimited calling within Canada (and no contract or system access fees!).

I also discovered that Koodo is the discount arm of my carrier, Telus. So, I called Telus to see if they could match the rate to save me a move. After lots of prevarication, the answer was ‘no’, the best they could do was $75/mo. for the comparable service. Somewhat bewildered at this,  I told them we’d be parting company.

An hour later, I was giving my details to a nice young lady at the Koodo kiosk not far away. Twenty minutes later, the entire transfer had already taken place and I had a (new) working phone. But that’s not the end of the good news for me:

Turns out, Koodo has a unique “tab” system regarding paying for your phone. If you ‘opt’ for the plan, 10% of your monthly fee payment goes to pay for your phone (effectively, Koodo paying for your phone). I mean, who wouldn’t opt for this perfectly painless perk?

So, not having laid out a dime, I walked out of there with a new plan (saving me at least $30/mo.), a new phone and a big smile on my face. And, oh yeah, they gave me a $25 gift credit card to spend anywhere I want. How’s that for a great customer experience?

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