Creating a Monster

Adam Scott’s done it. His win at the Bridgestone WGC sealed the deal. His caddie, Steve Williams, is now a bona fide life force. He’s now “won 145″ tournaments; he’s a “great frontrunner”,…, and “blah, blah, blah”. (Translation: He’s the reason all his employers were winners.)

Can there be any more deluded knucklehead in the world of sports than this vacant golf mule?

Williams caddied for Tiger Woods through most of the glory years. In the process, Tiger made him a very rich man, at least by “working guy” standards, probably more. He got more profile, more perks and more opportunities than his limited intellect deserved. Then, when his opportunity to demonstrate loyalty to his boss arose; namely, to hang in while Tiger got fully ready to come back and play, he decided to start looping for another player, Adam Scott, for reasons that were never made entirely clear.

Woods, understandably in my view, decided it was time for a change of caddies and let him go. Throughout it all, he took the highest of roads, showing respect and appreciation for their time together. Not so for Williams.┬áRight away, he started speechifying about Tiger, the scandal and, astonishingly to me, that he told his boss that he’d have to “win” his (Williams’) respect back (in the aftermath of the scandal).

If such a conversation actually took place, I’d suggest it was probably sufficient cause for a firing by itself, reflective of a tail having a go at wagging a dog. If Tiger held off, it was to his credit.

We now have a new “star” in the golf firmament; a guy in a bib, no less.

Memo to Adam Scott: Careful what you wish for; whom you hire and what this win will “cost” you. Keeping prima donna caddies happy is hard (and distracting) work, Adam.

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