Canadian postal workers are likely not the dumbest people you’ll ever meet – they know (knew?) enough to get on the gravy train when it was leaving the station – but they’re far from the smartest. They’re apparently working feverishly to derail their bejeweled conveyance.

It’s little wonder the lineup of applicants to get into the comfy crown corporation mother ship is around the block – minimal education and training requirements, great salary (especially for the level of qualifications), lush benefits and, let’s face it, it’s about as far from a sweatshop as you can get. So, why rock the boat, especially now?

There must be something about unions needing a good strike now and again just to prove they’re still breathing. But they might not be for long. Think about this for shortsightedness:

Postal delivery, in the electronic age, has a well-deserved nickname – ‘snail mail’. A huge chunk of the mail that’s delivered only goes that way largely from habit. Think about your bills; a big part of your mail volume, I bet. How hard would it be for the biller and billee (you) to do it all electronically? The facilities have been in place for a l-o-n-g time already. (20-30% drop in mail volume?) The only impetus that component of mail needs to ‘leave’ the system is sufficient annoyance to migrate. (Check! Annoyance underway.)

The post office owns Purolator, They know the future is increasingly in private mail delivery. Think the significance of that’s registering with any of the ‘regular’ employees? Me neither.

If you piss off enough users of the system, technology and specialized private services will be an increasingly attractive alternative. Postal rates hikes won’t be capable of being made quickly enough to make up for the lost demand. So, oblivious posties, enjoy the ride; there’s a cliff heading your way.

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