Sugar Shacks

They’re probably more plentiful than crack houses – but perfectly legal – and operate on largely the same business model: addiction.

I was standing in the lineup at one of these coffee shop/bakery deals recently. The noticeably rotund lady ahead of me carefully went through the available coffee additives with particular attention to non-this and lo-that, then proceeded to plunk a couple of tchotchkes on her plate that had more calories than a Big Mac and fries combination. (Worse still, there’d be no protein there – only carbs and fat.)

We’re living in an age of obesity. We hear about it all the time. There’s lots of head-scratching about how we got this way. Well, how about starting with Tim Hortons and their donuts and those cute little eateries with all those “homemade” goodies? Think that’s all just a bit of harmless fun? Not so.

Processed sugar, being at the heart of these little nutrition grenades, gets your insulin factory working overtime to,…,what?,…, yes, pack away what your taking in as fat. Unless you’re running in a marathon when you consume this stuff, you might as well just tape it to your waist – that’s where it’s going to end up.

Our nutritional gurus have steered us so disastrously wrong on the ‘evils’ of Demon Fat while remaining virtually mum on the perils of processed sugar. Oddly enough, going back a couple of generations, they seemed to understand the basic premise: SUGAR makes you FAT!

A little (‘lite’) reading would illuminate the distinction between which sugars are relatively better or worse for your BMI and (increasingly negative) self-image, but the basic rule is pretty much inflexible: Want to control your weight? Stay away from banana bread, muffins, ‘biscotti’s’, and all those other guilty little pleasures at the Sugar Shack.

The good news? Like any addiction, abstinence for as little as a week makes the compulsion subside

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