One of “those” days

Everyone knows exactly what that means; a day when everything you touch turns to pure,…,lead; you can’t get any ‘traction’ and you seemingly just can’t get anything done. It’s hard to say whether it’s qualitatively different than any other day, or that you just aren’t mentally equipped to cope as well with the vicissitudes of the day, but you certainly begin to feel the deck is stacked against you.

I find there’s really no way to change the sense that thing aren’t going so great, but it seems to help to remind yourself that it’s “one” of those days, meaning that the reason they’re described that way is because they’re not a habitual state of affairs. (If they are, you’re not dealing with ‘O.O.T.D.’, but rather ‘S.S.D.D.’, a different affliction entirely.)

Perhaps the most important thing to stay alert to is that O.O.T.D. can’t (or shouldn’t be) enlisted as the justification for acting like a total asshole. (It’s frequently worn as a mantle by those perpetually sporting a chip in their shoulder area, both as a warning and a rationalization for suspending common civility.)

I think it’s more common then ever these days for individuals to wander though their day just a hair’s breadth away from some sort of meltdown. But how you handle adversity is probably more a measure of what you are as a person than anything you can think of. Grace, calm and generosity of spirit mean a whole lot more when you’re under the pressure of less-than-ideal circumstances.

Mostly the hard way, I’ve learned that just being aware that your emotions are about to get the better of you, is enough to exert some braking on reflexive anger or some other reaction you’d regret. Keep in mind, “one” of those days (for you) doesn’t get any better by making it “one” for someone else.

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