Wow. I was hoping someone would get “excoriated” for calling this most recent popularity contest; little did I dream it would be a double homicide.┬áPrince Iggy rolled the dice and lost his shirt, his riding and his political career; that’s quite a trifecta for one night, but if one guy’s hubris deserved upbraiding, it was his.

The unexpected bonus victim here, though, is the whiny Mr. Duceppe. It’s hard not to gloat; subject to final accounting, the Blocheads no longer have official party status and the highwayman with the fractured English is out the door. Sweet!

I suppose this means we’ll have to endure the bleating of Bob Rae as the only surviving spokesman for the Liberal “point of view” (whatever that is from moment to moment), but it’s a small price to pay if we won’t be running off to the polls as a vanity check for impatient party leaders any time soon.

I guessed Happy Jack would be leading the ‘Loyal’ opposition, so it’s not happy time all around, but he’ll have his hands full being taken seriously in his new stronghold – Quebecada. It’ll be French lessons for most of his caucus and they’ll need to get that absentee candidate back from Vegas, if only as a formality.

Hopefully, Surly Stephan can learn to relax a bit (finally) and start to project some kind of human qualities, now that the pressure to pander has been eliminated. Who knows? Maybe he’ll finally finish his hockey book, learn a few new tunes on the piano and lead a New Year sing along from 24 Sussex Drive?

I have no idea whether voter fatigue doing endless laps to the polling booth, or disgust (like what swept the most surprised Premier in Canada – Bob Rae – to power) were factors in these outlandish results. However, lessons learned? Well, think hard before you push the “Do you love me NOW?” button.

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