Diabetic Shock(wave)

It’s definitely an epidemic. Supposed “adult onset” diabetes is steadily making its insidious way into the lives of even pre-teens. Many health authorities express puzzlement and point to things like sedentary lifestyle as the culprit. Some, not many, much more sensible people, point the finger at the real villian – carbohydrates.

At some point, the real causes will come to light, together with (hopefully) a reckoning for many “experts” who’ve been steering the public so scandalously wrong on fundamental dietary advice for so long.

A short illustration of just how bizarre the current state of affairs really is: A doctor was being quizzed about why diet recommendations for diabetics include a huge proportion of carbohydrate, despite the fact that carbs (i.e. sugars) are the entire cause of blood sugar fluctuations. His answer? “Well, we can control blood sugar levels [and insulin requirements] with medications”. (!) Got that? Recommend something to ingest that causes blood sugar imbalances because we’ve got drugs to deal with that.

There are three nutritional building blocks: protein, fat and carbohydrate. Of the three, only carbs have a measurable impact on blood sugar. Despite that, the constant boogie man of diet is fat, fat, fat. Want to wake up to reality? Read Gary Taubes’  book, “Why We Get Fat (And What To Do About It)”. Even if you’re not diabetic (or near), the significance for simple weight control is enormous.

The fact that “official” recommendations like the Canada Food Guide and myriad other sources (who should know better) continue to push a diet full of carbohydrates as the basis of ‘healthy’ living is nothing short of a travesty. (A prediction: Eventually, corn starch will be relegated to the same status as trans-fats.)

Anyway, here’s a tip: Get off the carb train; you’ll feel better, live longer, and perhaps best of all, you’ll be almost guaranteed to lose anything from 20 to 100 pounds of ugly fat, all the while enjoying as much of it as you want.

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