Love on All Four

I’m smitten. I’ve just seen the most beautiful car in creation. Now, I’m an avid ‘car guy’, but I don’t pay a lot of attention to hyper-exotic sports cars. I mean, with prices starting north of $200K, these thoroughbreds just have to be marvels of engineering and icons of design sophistication.

The average guy can look at them with a “so what ?” kind of attitude, in the same way the “out of reachness” of Cindy Crawford makes it eas(ier) to turn away.┬áThis is different.

The Ferrari FF. What a machine! I has, by a wide margin, the horniest shape I’ve ever seen on a 4-wheeled conveyance. That has a lot to do with its unusual configuration – a three-door hatchback. Ferrari is giving it the more refined title of a “brake”, as in a gentleman’s pheasant hunting transport vehicle. But that’s just splitting hairs, it’s a hatchback. Granted, I doubt anyone will be loading any hay bales through that hatch (but you could).

My love of hatchbacks is part aesthetics, part utilitarian. I think they’re a perfect mix of function, form and performance. Mine’s a Subaru. A good case can be made – at least, I think I can make one – that it’s the perfect automotive shape and configuration. Admittedly, there aren’t many 3-door hatchbacks out there. But imagine swoopy Ferrari styling, 651 horsepower (gasp!) and a dash of utilitarian? Unreal.

I was entranced by this beast almost totally by accident. I clicked on a YouTube video and, lo and behold, was treated to a fat-tired fire engine red FF frollicking on a snow-covered test track. Snow-covered? What’s this about?

Well, you could have knocked me over with a feather when I found out this deliciously beautiful creature is also equipped with 4-wheel drive (!), making it pretty much the perfect vehicle to cope with Ontario weather; summer, spring, winter or fall.

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