Pigs Will Fly

Michael Ignatieff has a plan. His plan is better that Stephan Harper’s plan. The objective of the plan is to slash the massive deficit incurred by the feds in managing the economic tsunami.

He says the Conservatives’ plan is a “pigs will fly” proposition but his plan will do the trick because, in his words, “We take deficit reduction extremely seriously”.¬†Anyone see anything slightly suspicious about Ignatieff’s (newfound) parsimony? I do.

For starters, the loudest bleating that the government wasn’t spending enough during the meltdown, was Ingnatieff; he was outdoing even Smilin’ Jack in hand-wringing about government tightfistedness.

What’s the plan? Well, we’ll have to wait for the “details” (stay tuned), but it the broad strokes are to “eliminate waste”, hold the corporate tax rate at 18% and something called “different priorities”. Quite a plan.

Before you buy into Liberal fiscal evangelism, think about some of the extravagant promises Iggy’s already made for a Liberal majority; guaranteed education student aid, health care spending and various “vision projects”. (Can the resurrection of subsidized daycare be far behind?)

Preston Manning scared previous Liberal governments into paying attention to spiraling deficits. Otherwise, Liberals don’t make believable deficit fighters. “Waste” is a slippery term that routinely gets redefined pre- and post-election and usually results in a shrug of the shoulders when none is actually “found”.

Mostly, this is a Liberal red herring issue, guaranteed not to cause any headaches because they won’t be forming a government any day soon. It’s mentioned in the same light as the ‘democracy deficit’ non-issue; something to fill in dead air as to why we’re having an election in the first place.

Now, if this election takes a horrendously wrong turn for the Conservatives and Iggy is called on to form a government and actually implement his deficit strategy, cast your eyes on the far horizon; what you’ll see there is the unlikely sight of a hippopotamus in flight.

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