Golfers dressing like,…,uh,…, golfers!

There used to be a canard about ‘typical’ golf attire – that it could readily be seen from outer space – you know, loud plaid, white shoes, belts and weird hats. Then, a sense of muted style descended on the golf scene, probably highlighted by the style attention paid initially to guys like Fred Couples, then Tiger Woods.

Don’t look now, but over-the-top is back in style. Don’t know where this is coming from, but even the guys who were making the GQ statements are dipping into style-kitsch. Case in point: Those white belts; everyone’s wearing them, including guys who have no business whatsoever drawing attention to their middles (i.e. Phil Mickelson).

White shoes might not have entirely absented the golf course previously, but they’re also certainly out in full tread these days, even for guys who habitually opted for stately black or dark brown. (Put together a white belt, shoes and hat; add a lavender shirt – you’re off to the carnival!)

Another development I can’t help but notice is those vents on the side of pant cuffs. Reminds me of something a kid might find unwillingly foisted on him on his first suit. But, they must be cool, because even Tiger’s got ‘em.

The PGA Tour has always had at least one guy whose mission (besides finding the hole) is making a personal fashion statement (think: Payne Stewart, Jesper Parnevik, Duffy Waldorf), for better or worse (you decide). Now, there’s a new hands-down king of bling – Ricky Fowler.

I tuned in to the Bay Hill Invitational tournament on the Golf Channel yesterday only to be regaled by a vision of Ricky decked out from head to toe in raging, fluorescent pink (!). Words fail.

Apart from the fact that I have no idea how you’d top this (if you’re aiming to), I wonder what Arnold Palmer might think if he has to hand the trophy to Ricky on Sunday afternoon. And, if he doesn’t, well, they’ll have no trouble picking up Ricky in neighbouring galaxies.

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