THE ‘Secret(s)’ of Weight Loss

Is there anything more current and all-consuming than the desire to lose weight? Not for my money. Understandably so, because a quick look around any public place shows beyond a shadow of a doubt that we’re a country of fatties, getting fatter by the minute.

Lest my comments be taken as insensitive to someone – you know, one of those “love me as I am” types (even though they’d be the first in line for a guaranteed method to get slim) – I confess I’m a former fatty myself. I didn’t bother to sue a fast food company, claim a disability allowance or sign up for a support group; I went about losing the weight.

I admit it was more motivated by high blood pressure than weight, per se, but the route to the destination was the same. It only took a couple of hours to find the ‘formula’ on the Internet (and, believe me, it has nothing to do with “calories in = calories out”).

Since I’m not selling anything, I have no problem sharing the goods with anyone who asks. There are no secrets; only these two realities:

1) Carbohydrates make you fat; nothing else does. (That’s it for the technical side of weight loss);

2) You MUST get your head around, then begin to live the following principle: “I eat to live (not the other way around)”.

That’s it. No kidding. It really is that simple. I’m not only living proof (XXL to MED; 5 years ago), but I’ve coached a few people to those same results. Losses of 20 lb. in less than a month are common.

I’ve seen the actual dietary rules reduced to less than 1/2 a page in a paperback. You can easily find them yourself. The ‘hard’ part, if you want to call it that, is item #2, because, even though deprivation, starvation and iron will are not part of the requirements of the diet, backsliding to your former (thinking) habits is a return ticket┬áto Fat City.

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