Crap as Content

There’s no getting around it. No matter HOW many “apps” are out there, they all eventually confront the grim reality that content is the raison d’etre for technology in the first place.

Case in point: The recent NHL trade deadline.About half-way through the scheduled 7 hour telecast, the army of talking heads assembled to report on trade activity (31 for TSN alone!) were starting to look decidedly sheepish; nothing was happening. Reporting there is nothing to report over and over again didn’t make for riveting television. Imagine how scintillating the Tweets and non-news from the TSN app might have been.

No getting around it, our capacity for disseminating content has outpaced the capacity to produce content that’s even worth a look. The real problem this creates is not just qualitative. Because the channels are “live” 24/7 and dead air is the bane of all communication channels, the pipes have to be regularly updated with, increasingly, total crap. Hence we have armies of crap generators pumping out the effluent to keep the pipes flowing.

Social media are not much different. I vacated F-Book after finding out just how devoid of interest most of what people were committing to their feeds actually was – lunch menus, self-promotion plugs, links to pet causes, etc. The final straw was a guy who started posting reports on the bowel movements his dog (living the metaphor, so to speak).

Good content is hard work and is time consuming. It doesn’t just happen, especially by stream of consciousness. So it’s understandable that it’s not a surplus commodity. If it adhere’s Pareto’s Law, as I suspect it does, at least 80% of what is out there is waste product. Further, 80% of the stuff that’s any good is being produced by a small minority of content generators. So, finding worthwhile stuff is a tough slog.

I’ve largely moved off the grid as far as social media are concerned. I don’t think I’m missing a thing, especially that guy with  the dog who thinks ‘crap’ and ‘content’ are interchangeable terms.

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