C’mon, Brian

Face the facts; face the music. This Leafs’ season is done, done, done. Get your notoriously straight-talking self in gear and admit it; the pathetically long-suffering fans will forgive you for it. Here’s a plan:

Put the following people on the trade block: Giguere, Kessel (yeah, Phil Kessel), Versteeg, Komisarek and Beauchemin. (This’ll be the hard part; you’ll have to swallow more than a few insults because you’re solely responsible for them being here. I’d include Phaneuf here, but it’ll be about this time next year before you realize what a liability he really is.)

In return, you must get draft picks. Got that? DRAFT picks.( The sole exception would be if Pittsburgh would give you Crosby in exchange for that bunch.) In other words, no more faux-truculent knuckleheads with lead fingers.

Who takes their place? Well, I’m glad you asked. Find out just exactly what the heck you have down on the farm. Bring a series of the farmhands (except Kadri; he’s already had his shot) for guaranteed 10 game stints with the club. And, (here’s the important part) muzzle that mouthpiece Wilson. Don’t let him throw every one of them under the bus after a couple of mistakes in a game. (Remember, every blowout loss is an investment in the future – not this year, but soon.)

Rotate all three of ¬†your goaltenders on a strict one game basis – regardless of outcome. (Don’t let a loss, or a win, distort the purpose – learning the game in the heat of battle.)

Finally, you MUST admit you made a mistake and that this will take time; NO more false expectations created by the bravado of “expecting” this or that. If you were good enough to produce a winner by sheer force of will, you would have done it by now. It takes a better plan than the one you (had?).

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