“All Boshed Up”

Celebrities have a profound cultural impact, including the growth of the common vernacular. It stands to reason that everyday superstars should be accorded their own verbs. One guy who, particularly recently, has really earned his own verb is Chris Bosh. He’s shown a real facility for capturing an ethos that’s uniquely Boshian (Hey! Turns out adjectives aren’t far behind.)

Tony Bennett may have left his heart in San Francisco, but Bosh countered by dedicating his dreadlocks to Toronto, as his recent grand-eloquent pronouncement goes. It’s downright literary – you know, changing phases, next chapters and all that.

But if you think that’s all there is to “Boshing it up”, you’re wrong. (Pretty soon we’ll probably be able to drop the capital.) It stands for a lot more than that – childish self-absorption, attention-seeking and transparent rationalization, too.

Perhaps the greatest potential impact will likely come in the mental health field, where being “all Boshed up” might register as a legitimate diagnostic tool in the identification and treatment of acute personality disorder arising from unrequited love, as in, entire populations not showering enough fawning admiration, dollars and promotional opportunities upon such profoundly essential members of society as basketball players. (I mean, when will we start to appreciate just what a critical role they play in keeping things running?)

With the catalogue of quotes attributed to (now) ‘CB1′, he might even become sort of a modern day Samuel Johnson, if only for the segment of society who views Mad Magazine as literature. Boy, talk about making a cultural impact through your work!

So, Chris, let me just say that, although your contributions on the basketball court haven’t been much to write home about, given the $100 million or so in salary you’ve collected, your impact on the, uh, richness of our cultural life has been enduring and real, so ‘Bosh on’, brother.

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