The ‘Unreachables’

Is it ironic? Some of the most “hooked up” people I know also happen to be the most difficult to actually talk to. Despite all the social platform participation, having all the most up-to-date communication gadgets (and all the old ones, too), some folks are just plain hard to engage in either an email exchange or a telephone conversation (they’re not considered ‘old fashioned’, are they?).

An illustration: I was trying to arrange a music session with a player I know. Because we had talked about getting together a number of times, I was pretty sure he was interested in getting together. Because we were “friends” on Facebook, I sent him an email through the messaging utility. Then…nothing. Despite the fact the guy was posting a mountain of “news” items about his comings and goings and offering comments on the postings of other people, he didn’t reply. After a couple of days, I sent him another email. Same thing. He was Facebook frantic as ever, just not responding to direct emails.

I ran into him downtown a couple of days later. He immediately started talking about “getting together” for a session. Said he’d been “incredibly busy” for the last couple of weeks. I started to wonder what this guy’s thinking processes might be like. I mean, because we’re “friended up”, he’s got to know that I see all the stuff he’s posting and how active he is on the F’-book. So, the only thing he’s “too busy” to do is answer a direct question. Weird.

This guy is far from the only example I’ve seen of favoring oblique, non-committal F-Book blather to actual communication. It has me wondering whether there might be a causal relationship there. It’s probably worth further study.

Oh, in case you’re wondering why I didn’t just phone this guy about a session? Well, quite simply, this guy never answers his phone, despite the fact he runs a service business from his home.

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