Climatism Redux

There’s a lot of climate wisdom that doesn’t “add up”. Here’s a smattering:

“Climate” is not a static system, construct or state of equilibrium. It has (provably) changed over many millenia and will continue to do so, regardless of human efforts at control. One of the most ridiculous ideas of all time is the recent climate conference “agreement” to limit temperature increase to 2 degrees Celsius – presumptuous, delusional and impossible.

Weather and climate are related, but separate constructs. We can’t predict the weather with any reliability even a few days ahead. Existing climate models purport to “predict” climatic conditions years and decades into the future. Yeah, right.

Thunderstorms are “too complex” to be modeled using existing knowledge. Thousands of them are underway at any given moment in time. Nonetheless, in climate “models” they are treated as ‘sub-grid’ phenomena and not accounted for in any way in generating projections. Cloud formation and activity is also ignored.

Here’s the equation that “explains” anthropogenic warming: (More) CO2 = global warming. So how come there hasn’t been any demonstrable warming for at least the last 10 years? There’s plenty more CO2. (Those guys at East Anglia were just having apparent fits over this non-warming trend.)

Now that Michael Mann’s “hockey stick” graph has been thoroughly discredited, where is there any real empirical basis for concluding it’s just CO2 that “causes” global warming? (That’s a rhetorical question, just to be clear.)

I recently heard of a local school initiative to promote the “ideal” amount of CO2 in the atmosphere, ostensibly 360 ppm. Young school children are being (brainwashed and) enlisted to promote the “magic” number of carbon dioxide concentration without a shred of empirical research to support the notion. I suppose this is just the next step in devising environmental ¬†policy initiatives – just picking a number that sounds good and running with it.

I don’t know about you, but this whole twisted exercise smacks to me of the “Big Lie” that Goebbels swore was much easier to ‘sell’ than a small one.

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